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Oh no! Megan Fox is totally into the Wii


It seems as though there are dissenting voices coming from the cast of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen regarding Nintendo's Wii console. Why, just the other day, Shia LaBeouf expressed to the world his discontent with the system and those employing it for gaming -- that group of people apparently including his cast mate, Megan Fox.

In an interview with, Fox said, "I'm totally a fan of the Wii, I'm just not good at it." As LaBeouf (S. Beef to us) noted in his interview with Joystiq sister site Big Download, the two were playing LEGO Star Wars most recently, though Fox has some rather specific complaints about the game, telling the interviewer, "One thing I don't like about that game is that if one person is lagging behind and wants to check something out, and you're running ahead, you drag the screen with you -- you can't stay separate when you're playing on a team together ... that becomes annoying." Point taken! Apparently the lady knows her games, eh? Care for a guest column, Ms. Fox?

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