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This iPhone controller is giving us a bone

Justin McElroy

Do you ... do you get it? Because it's a bone. Yeah, we were pretty proud of that gag, too. Now, we'd like to take you, the reader, inside the joke, to show you how it was created. Think of it like that Sesame Street short about making crayons, only with lulz. In fact, if you could play that music in another tab, it would be ideal. Go ahead, we'll wait.

1. We looked at this bone-shaped controller for the now accessory-compatible iPhone, and then we died inside.
2. We decided we probably shouldn't suggest that the people who made the phone, 22moo, should themselves die, as they may be completely nice, albeit awful, people.
3. We tried, in vain, to pick up our spirits.
4. Our spirits irrevocably broken, we decided to make the most obnoxious, insipid gag we could think of about the controller and leave it at that.
4a. We also decided against including additional details about the controller, because if you're interested in it, you can go right to hell.

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