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WoW Moviewatch: Project Lordaeron


Project Lordaeron is a music video by Vinex. According to the author, this is his first video, and it doesn't have a "real" storyline. While that might be the literal truth, I think that Vinex's movie actually speaks to the tragedy and events that occured in Lordaeron. The movie features the well-known scene at the opening of the Culling of Stratholme, and goes on to show how the madness of Arthas radically changed what is now known as the Plaguelands. You're ultimately left with a haunting series of images that helps drive home the themes surrounding Arthas Menethil's story.

I found the music particularly interesting and very well suited to the pace of the video. Vinex and Xayo created the original score for Project Lordaeron, which instantly raised my opinion of the piece. I think it's exciting to see new authors creating their own music to go alongside their imagery, since it can often promise a more "whole" piece from the final product. I'm curious to see what music the pair might forge for other videos, as I'd be thrilled to see more and more complex soundtracks.

Overall, I like the work that Vinex has done, and I hope to see more from the auther in the future.

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