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Delve into Champions Online's evil lairs trailer

Kyle Horner

Well look at this, a new Champions Online trailer has been released unto Gametrailers and thus, the world. It opens with an interesting winged angel superhero soaring into an intelligence meeting, but don't be fooled, this trailer's focus is solely on villainous lairs. Some of you would probably be more than happy with a video showcasing all the various wings and how they animate in flight (we spotted some Egyptian style wings in the trailer) but that's not happening today. Maybe there's a wings/flight video in the works, for all we know.

There's some slightly cheesy voice acting and we're almost certain the narrator is attempting a commanding voice in the spirit of Optimus Prime, but the trailer is very enjoyable for what it is: campy superhero goodness. It may not be everyone's preference, but we're digging what we see and can't wait to raid some lairs come this September.

Witness the full trailer embedded after the break.

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