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Glu also sticking Guitar Hero 5, Blur, Tony Hawk: Ride on cell phones


Activision has stuck with Glu for bringing more than just Modern Warfare 2 to mobile phones. Gamasutra reports that the studio will also create keypad-friendly versions of Guitar Hero 5, Blur and Tony Hawk: Ride for release this year, although we have to question how closely the gameplay of the latter with adhere to that of the peripheral-based console version.

Again, these ports are all for mobile phones, not gaming handhelds masquerading as such, iPhone! (Which, when you think of it, would seem ideally suited for Ride.) They're being made for handsets running Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java-based operating systems. In Ride's case, we imagine the phone must also be able to handle a rider weight of 300 lbs.

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