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Super Stardust HD celebrates 2nd anniversary with Euro price drop

Jem Alexander

You've played Super Stardust HD, right? It's two years old now, and still one of the best PSN downloadable titles available. You surely picked it up around this time last year, when it became the first game to support Trophies. No? Well, now's your chance. To celebrate the game's second birthday, the developers have dropped the price from £4.99 to £1.59 (€1.99).

Make sure you head on over to the European PlayStation Blog to see Housemarque's Petteri Putkonen's retrospective on the last two years. He also mentions Housemarque's desire to update the game even further, with an expansion that would "add a new dimension to the game," and requests that you contact him with any of your own ideas. It may be a while before you see them implemented, though, as the company is currently busy trying to outdo itself with its next PSN game. We can't wait.

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