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Tale of Tales' next project, Fatale, based on Salome

Justin McElroy

We've had kind of a weird relationship with indie dev Tale of Tales. On the one hand, we love how unconventional its avant-garde games, like Graveyard and The Path, are, but on the other, we equated the latter to "getting punched in the nose by a centaur."

So, we don't quite know what to think about the news that the company's next project, Fatale, will be based on the story of Salome, who, of course, asked for the head of John the Baptist in exchange for doing the Dance of the Seven Veils. Rather than a game, the company describes Fatale as "an interactive vignette in realtime 3D."

Though maybe not a "game" per se, as you can see in the above picture, it does does provide an opportunity for one of the best hidden collectibles ever. Look for it on PC on October 5.

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