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CABAL Online's Soul and Siena expansion comes to US shores


Last week we picked up the story that CABAL Online was getting a brand new expansion -- Soul and Siena! However, we learned that the expansion was coming to the European version of the game first, not both the US and EU versions.

Well, OGPlanet has been quick to update, and now the US version will also be graced with Soul and Siena. The game has been updated as of today, and players will be able to access all of the new goodies.

Soul and Siena offers the two game content updates -- the acquisition of Soul Abilities for players over level 120 and the first floor of the Altar of Siena dungeon -- but it also offers the new sub-password system. Sub-passwords will allow players to further secure their accounts with a 4 digit pin that can be set on their character, their warehouse (bank), and their equipment. These pins can all be different and must be entered in on a randomized digital keypad, making even the most paranoid player feel secure when it comes to being hacked.

Interested in a look at some of the new abilites and the Altar of Siena? We've kindly embedded the expansion's trailer for you just below!

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