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Motorola VE440 "Cadbury" shows up with the Bluetooth SIG folks

Chris Ziegler

Want a sneak peek at Motorola's first Android phone? Well, you're looking in decidedly the wrong place -- but if you want to know what's coming down the pike in the company's low-end stable (and who doesn't?), look no further than our dear friends at the Bluetooth SIG. Ever since the SIG's database started offering Mr. Blurrycam-style shots of upcoming products, we've really started to warm up to their ways -- and the VE440 is the latest to roll up to the counter. There's not much to see here, but we know from the SIG filing that it's a CDMA phone destined for North American markets, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this on, say, Cricket or MetroPCS in the near future.

[Via mobile-review]

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