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Revenge of the annoying countdowns: Square Enix hints at 'new game'

Jem Alexander

Yes, another countdown. Don't worry, we hate them as much as you do, but Japanese publishers seem to love them. This time it's Square Enix's turn to announce a new (or, knowing Square Enix, old) game through the medium of time itself. The countdown takes place on a blank canvas with a landscape sketch taking shape in the bottom hand corner, along with the number four. We imagine this will expand to fill the page as the countdown makes its way to zero, which will occur on July 6.

There's also some very faint music, which will probably get louder as the countdown proceeds. It sounds like an old-school MIDI to us, though we, along with our pals Shazam and Midomi, don't recognize it. It could be a remake, but at this point there's not much to go on. Hopefully we'll find out more when the countdown finishes, but nowadays we can't even be certain about that ...

[Thanks, Sean]

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