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One Shots: A ways from Weathertop

While it is true that Lord of the Rings Online doesn't look quite as lush in DX9, it's still a good-looking game. More importantly, making the graphics more accessible means that more people get to experience the beauty of The Lord of the Rings Online; Middle-earth in MMO format! Today's One Shots entry from Jason shows off one of the more important areas for lore at a nice distance. He writes in to tell us a bit more: This shot is of Weathertop located in the Lone Lands. This was my second time through the area and though I was aware that Weathertop was in the Lone Lands I hadn't seen it from afar. I just had to take a screenshot for you guys. (This is the place where Frodo is stabbed by one of the ring wraiths.)

DX9, DX10 - it makes no difference to us. We just love to see where you're spending your MMO time. So gather up your tired, your... wait, wrong speech... your interesting, your funny, and email them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a brief description. We'll post them here, pin it on you, and add it to our desktop wallpaper collection gallery.

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