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38 Studios CEO Brett Close on the Big Huge Games acquisition and the Copernicus IP

James Egan

Joystiq's fearless leader Chris Grant recently caught up with 38 Studios CEO Brett Close to discuss their recent acquisition of Big Huge Games, and what this might mean for the "Copernicus" MMO. Massively has mentioned Copernicus at a few points in the past, but unfortunately in terms more vague than we'd like. We know it's a fantasy MMO project that draws upon notables like R.A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane, but Joystiq turned up some more info about Copernicus.

Close stresses that Copernicus is an IP that will exist in several channels; there will be books, graphic novels, and of course an MMO that draws upon these elements. "Rather than drilling into details about why this is going to give people something they have never experienced before... what I will tell you is that it's simply based on that talent [R.A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane] and based on our approach and our experience in building these products. There's nothing like it out there right now. And I don't believe there's anybody working on anything like this right now."

So then, how will the acquisition of Big Huge Games affect Copernicus development? It gives 38 Studios the ability to spread their IP across those other channels Close mentioned. He tells Joystiq, "It will be on a variety of other platforms and delivery mechanisms... this studio is just a great fit. It's just flat out a great fit for 38 Studios in terms of technology and team. And increases our choices. Increases our product portfolio." Close adds that it "allows us capabilities with their product back-catalog. It just creates more choices and more opportunities for 38 Studios."

The cross platform Mercury Engine that 38 Studios acquired along with Big Huge Games will also be a major asset to Copernicus development, says Close. While he neither confirms or denies that Copernicus could one day make its way to other platforms like consoles, that potential exists.

Close definitely feels it's too soon to spill details on a lot of what they're working on when it comes to Copernicus, though, so we don't have any solid info on the game's premise, much less the release timetable. However the interview with Close does give some interesting hints as to what they're up to at 38 Studios. You can read the interview over at Joystiq.

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