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Crafter offers Haggle Man buttons for Retro Game Challenge purchases

We've humbly requested that our readership purchase a certain title to ensure the development of a sequel many times before (picked up your required 15 copies of Gitaroo Man yet?), but rarely does our fervor for a video game series build to a level that inspires us to offer actual, tangible rewards for your compliance.

We suppose we've never loved a game as much as craftwise classic gaming fan Benjamin loves Retro Game Challenge -- he's offering a cross-stitched Ninja Robot Haggle Man button to anyone who purchases a new copy of the game. Just send in your receipt, and he'll pay the shipping. As he sees it, its his only way to get XSEED to localize Retro Game Challenge 2 -- we usually just send developers large sacks of money to accomplish such a goal, but we realize that's not always possible for -- ahem -- blue collar types. Good luck, Ben!

[Thanks, Michael!]

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