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Fans recreate favorite characters in Scribblenauts style


Scribblenauts has inspired something wonderful over at NeoGAF: fan-created images of popular game characters and other pop-culture figures in the game's adorable, understated style. It's as if you could summon, say, Phoenix Wright in the game.

We've picked out some favorites from what has become two threads of Scribblenauts fanart. It's pretty hard for us not to just post every single piece of fanart from both threads! Trust us, there's plenty in both threads for you to discover, and since the artists have started taking requests from other GAFfers, there will continue to be more for a while.

Above: Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey, Tomba, and Kirby, by SpacePirate Ridley; Lost's John Locke by MrCheez; surfing Raichu, Travis Touchdown, Optimus Prime, and Manny Calavera by Divvy. Look at all the greatness that has already been brought into the world by Scribblenauts, by people who haven't even played it!


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