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LAN support not included in StarCraft II


According to an IncGamers interview with members of the StarCraft II team, one of the major components of the original game won't be included in the sequel -- LAN play. "We don't have any plans to support LAN," VP of game design Rob Pardo told the site. Blizzard has reportedly confirmed to IGN that LAN support is indeed out the window. We're reaching out to Blizzard for comment as well, so don't throw out all your cables yet.

If this is true, is the only multiplayer option in StarCraft II, and the era of the LAN party has officially ended -- we suppose you could still bring your computer over to someone else's house, but you no longer need to. More than that, we suspect that this will be just one of the things that thousands of daily StarCraft players are going to freak out about, because it's something in the new game that is the slightest bit different from the old game.

[Via IGN]

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