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Muramasa: the GameStop preorder bonus


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We didn't dare think it could happen, but when we saw the pre-order bonus for Japanese copies of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, we secretly wished for Ignition (well, XSEED at the time) to bring something half as awesome to us here. The bonus is a five-foot-long scroll featuring a series of amazing pieces of character art from the game.

GameStop has just revealed the North American pre-order bonus, and it's exactly that! We couldn't be more thrilled. Well, we could be more thrilled if two things happened:
  1. We confirmed that the back of the scroll had the same enemy and stage artwork as the Japanese version
  2. We found out that GameStop's September 1 release date (a Tuesday!) was the real release date for the game.
We've contacted Ignition about those two points. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the prospect of getting a really nice-looking free thing by buying another thing.


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