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Rock Band Wiikly: Pearl Jam, Mission of Burma, Offspring and more


Rock Band Wiikly's tap has flowed with massive quantities of tracks for weeks now. Sure, the releases aren't exactly synced with Rock Band Weekly, but the back catalog of Rock Band DLC is certainly being filled in. Our concern that it would take until mid-2010 for the full catalog sync is slowly dissipating. This week's update of 16 tracks to the Wii music store includes the Pearl Jam tracks from a couple weeks back, along with a whole mess of other stuff. Find the full list after the break.

Individual songs (200 Wii points apiece)

  • "Brother" -- Pearl Jam
  • "Alive (Live: Drop in the Park)" -- Pearl Jam
  • "State of Love and Trust (Live: Drop in the Park)" -- Pearl Jam
  • "Space Truckin" -- Deep Purple
  • "Bad to the Bone" -- George Thorogood
  • "Cream and Bastards Rise" -- Harvey Danger
  • "Forever" -- In This Moment
  • "Closer" -- Lacuna Coil
  • "Swamped" -- Lacuna Coil
  • "Mica" -- Mission of Burma
  • "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" -- Mission of Burma
  • "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" -- Mission of Burma
  • "Gone Away" -- The Offspring
  • "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" -- The Offspring
  • "She's a Handsome Woman" -- Panic at the Disco
All tracks are masters and will be downloadable tomorrow, June 30.

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