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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Steve Jobs back to work at Apple
Of course, we'd been hearing of Steve's continual involvement in "key aspects" of Apple's business for a while now, so this seems like more of a rubber stamp on the status quo than a major change,
Acer poised to beat Dell, become number two PC maker
That's a big deal -- no non-US company has ever made it so high -- and it's interesting that the strategies Acer took to get there are the same things Dell's been trying to do lately.
Windows Marketplace launching with 600 apps, or one bazillion times what the App Catalog has
Depending on your perspective, that's either ridiculously anemic -- the iPhone's App Store has a couple orders of magnitude more currently available, for example -- or a veritable cornucopia.
Other news of import
Supreme Court declines to hear remote storage DVR appeal, cloud recording is on the way
Of course, there's benefits to having a locally stored copy of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, but just in case we forgot to queue up a recording, ...
Nokia, Apple, RIM and others agree on micro-USB phone charger standard for Europe
While the free-market works pretty well when, uh, left alone to be free, sometimes it needs a push from a visible hand.

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