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Mana Energy Potions being sold in Lunia MMO

Right, stay with us now -- Harcos, creators of the gaming-themed "beverage" Mana Energy Potion, have formed a partnership with multiplayer game portal Ijji to bring the "beverage" to the latter company's anime-influenced MMO, Lunia. Yes, the game-themed Mana Energy Potion has disembarked from the physical plane, and returned to the virtual world, either adding another layer of originality to the "beverage," or stripping said originality away altogether.

You may also be wondering why we keep putting quotes around the word "beverage." That's to symbolize the fact that if we were telling you this story in person, we'd be doing the finger-quote thing every time we said the word, as if to convey our less-than-favorable feelings towards the "beverage."

Get it? No? How about this -- Mana Energy Potions taste like rotten prison wine. Is that clear enough for you?

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