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TurpsterVision: TCG Loot and Huge Roosters

Mark Turpin

We can't believe it either – Turpster has been let loose on to bring you videos from in and around the World of Warcraft! You've heard him on the WoW Insider Show, and now see him on TurpsterVision right here on

Here at we give away TCG loot all the time and TurpsterVision should be no different. If you've always wanted to smash an ogre till his sweet delectable guts scatter all over the floor then today might just be your lucky day! Today you get the chance to win one of the new Fields of Honor loot codes by just leaving a comment to this week's TurpsterVision (Being a limey Brit this is open to EU only as the codes apparently only work over here...sorry)!

Read on below the break for more information on how to win your very own Fields of Honor loot and for an image which is NSFW. That's right ladies, I've whacked it out due to popular demand and snapped off a few shots of my massive beast. (If that doesn't intrigue you into clicking then I don't know what will!)

'But Turpster...' I hear you whine, 'I haven't got a clue how to even use the loot code' -- well don't worry, TurpsterVision is on hand to point out the obvious with a handy guide to show you how simple this process really is!

You need to visit WoW's promotion code retrieval page where you will get the chance to enter your code and the rest... well I guess you'll have to check out the video!

It's a giant magical Rooster, how could I NOT make this joke?!

If you aren't lucky enough to be selected to win the loot from today (winners will be chosen at random from the comments in this post -- ending on Monday 6th July 12am GMT) then make sure you check out the site tomorrow for a chance to win a great selection of loot from the Fields of Honor TCG set, including my prized mount...well obviously not my mount, that's mine, though you can ride it if you ask me nicely -- or buy me a drink!

Check out more of Turpster's work, from his WoW parody songs to TV previously on, not forgetting everyone's favorite podcast 'The WoW Insider Show' and of course, TurpsterVision right here on!

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