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Frozenbyte responds: 'XBLA version of Trine is a possibility'

While we were ready to believe that online co-op in the Xbox Live Arcade release of Trine was "speculation," we'll admit, we were pretty taken aback to hear the developer refer to the XBLA release itself as "speculation" as well. While Trine's would-be XBLA publisher at Atlus issued a terse "no comment," we got a hold of the developers at Frozenbyte, whose Lauri Hyvärinen had this to say:
An XBLA version of Trine is a possibility but nothing more at present time. We would love to have Trine on XBLA and we've partnered with Atlus to make it happen, but it needs Microsoft's approval and there are other factors as well. So it may happen or it may not, that's really the current situation. Everything else ranging from release date to features is just speculation and isn't based on any facts.

As soon as we know more we will also inform everyone else :)
So, there you have it. Microsoft needs to approve the game and Frozenbyte has to address "other factors" (we don't think online co-op is required – Bionic Commando Rearmed lacks online support for its co-op mode). But don't keep your feelings bottled up inside (you can get sick that way, y'know?). Share them with us in our handy poll, which is awaiting your input just after the break.


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