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Guildwatch: Paydirt in the drama mine

Mike Schramm

Picture it: you're raiding along with a PuG run by a guild called, say, Logos et Ethos. Things are going well -- your first piece of loot drops, and people start rolling on it. But then the master looter from the guild throws this in guild chat: "we will begin the bidding at 100g." Yes, apparently it's an auction run, and they didn't tell anyone. The scene above unfolds -- people curse out the guild, leave the raid, and Poemaster pulls out the caps lock to try and keep his guild's secret fundraiser going.

That drama and more in this week's Guildwatch, along with stories of downed bosses and recruiting from around the realms. Send us your tips (especially drama, we always love a good chat screenshot) to, and click through the link below to read more.


  • Logos Et Ethos on Demon Soul started up a pickup group, but when the first item dropped, things went south. Instead of just rolling on an item as everyone had planned, they started taking bids... in gold. More than a few folks left the group, and as you can see above, nobody was very happy about it. But what fascinates us most about the story is that, as you can see above, Generayburn actually sticks with the idea, even though it's soundly refused. Did anyone ever end up paying... or bidding at all?
  • We hear Addictions on Aggamagan had the GM and a few officers grab the guild bank and hightail it off to another server. That's all, really. Jerk move if true.
  • Dirty Boxers on Malorne-H also had some ninja problems -- one of their guildies named Zellda, who was even a real-life friend with founding members, decided that the guild wasn't moving fast enough and picked the guild bank clean before /gquitting, taking with him over 80 Abyss Crystals and tons of other enchants and jewelcrafting mats. He'd apparently moved out of state recently and so decided to sacrifice his friendships with the guildies for everything in the bank. Good times. Fortunately enough, GMs restored most of the bank. So they've got that going for them. Which is nice.
  • This one is like a drama mine -- you have to dig down into it for a while, but eventually you hit paydirt. So Tenjigo apparently applied to Titans of Azeroth on Kargath, but they refused him and that thread, now locked behind a forum login (or maybe just deleted) no longer exists. But fortunately, someone posted a link to it on the Kargath forums, and the flaming starts up again right away -- people from ToA fight for their guild while Tenjigo, who is apparently currently in Overraided, posts and then deletes those posts, but he finally shows up on page 3 to stand on his own after first trying to laugh the app off as a joke. After that, the whole thing devolves, and everybody claims everybody is worse than they are, while everybody else gives excuses for why they seem so bad. Lots of fun for sure.
  • Anaximander on Twisting Nether really wants to find an old world guild to raid with, but unfortunately for him, the only really dedicated old world guild on the server, Old World Raiders, just isn't good enough. But the guild-bashing doesn't exactly pay off for him, as the thread quickly fills up with many more stories of Anax and his less than brag-worthy skills. What exactly is that they say about people who live in glass houses?
  • Serenity, on Black Dragonflight, has recruited about five people from a newly formed guild named Eminence there. We apparently heard from the leadership of Eminence, who had this to say: "Why they want to go to a guild doing less progressing is beyond the leadership of Eminence. Happy trails Sherasia, and Brutalove. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out." Are you sure they left out of spite? Maybe they had friends in the other guild?
  • Not all guild news is bad: Too Cute to Die (who've been featured here before for ingame events) on Trollbane had a meetup in Atlanta, GA a little while ago. They had folks fly in from five other states, including a few who stayed a week in the guildleader's home and toured the sights around Atlanta. Then they all met up at a Renaissance Festival and then all went out to dinner together. Sounds like fun! Apparently there are pics on their website, but we couldn't find them for some reason.
  • Here's an update from Enigma of Nagrand, who weren't happy about a progression thread a little while back, and apparently also had issues with a Death Knight named Pussikat. They say that their progression thread is better, and that they never trolled the other thread (which doesn't seem to be what it says on the forums, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt). And to the matter of Pussikat, they say he insulted members of the guild and even posted their link to porn websites, to which they had no choice at all but to report him to the police for harrasment. We don't know what came of that -- for all we know, Pussikat is still rotting away in some jail. Free Pussikat!
  • Puzzler for the Day: Banefire over on Icecrown is an Alliance guild. So riddle me this, Batman, asks our tipster: why does their Thorim kill pic have Horde totems in it? What exactly are we missing there? (Edit: they changed it. We figured they would.)
  • What makes a normal, run-of-the-mill guild bank ninja thread get a big gold star from us? The ninja actually showing up in the fourth post. Thalorin cleaned out Satellite because he was bored, and he doesn't care who knows.
  • Finally, when is a ninja not a ninja? When they don't actually, er, ninja anything: Sayuri was running OS and they'd just downed him when all of a sudden she got handed an Illustration of the Dragon Soul out of the blue. Lukt saw this and decided to post it on the forums, full of rage against Sayuri and her Out of Line comrades for stealing the trinket. There's just one problem: as the picture shows, Biozera was the looter at the time, and he's not even in Out of Line. Either he made a mistake or he's just nuts, but Sayuri had nothing to do with the lost loot, and everybody in the thread knows it but poor Lukt. And you get some bonus drama here, too: after the initial confusion is over, things devolve into an argument about Arena ratings. Fun!
  • After several weeks of hanging out in the Siege of Uludar (we hear the drinks are good there), Soul Reapers (on Burning Legion) finally downed Ignis with a great new strategy, and then proceeded into the Antechamber, taking down Kologarn and the Iron Council in relatively short order. Grats!
  • Hooray for Evil (winners of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Dalaran-H downed Kel'thuzad for their first full clear of Naxx, even though they're only eight months old as a guild. Flame Leviathan is on notice, if not downed already. They're also recruiting -- they're mature, casual, and would rather not see trade spammers or gold beggars apply.
  • Critical Mass on Blackhand-A celebrated three years in business in the beginning of June. Grats! They're also recruiting some select classes, so hit up the website for more.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) finally made it into heroic Naxx at the end of May. After struggling to get the numbers together, they formed an alliance with a guild in a similar position called IDENTITY, and in the first joint Naxx 25 raid with them and their other allies (Y Ddraegau), spread over three evenings, they cleared the whole thing out. Way to go!
  • DeathEaters on Rexxar-A finished off 10-man Naxx with not one but two raiding teams, and are now working their way through Ulduar. They're a friendly guild with a strong emphasis on lasting internal growth and leaving a good mark on the community. They're also seeking a few casters, as well as some Resto or Elemental Shamans.
  • c h a o s on Tichondrius is now 13/14 in both Ulduar 10 and 25-man. The only hard mode they have down is XT, but they're working on Flame Leviathan's hard mode, so we'll put him (that thing?) on notice.
  • Deadly Shadows (EU Ghostlands) have done 8/13 in Ulduar 10, clearing out all of Siege, Antechamber and Freya.
  • After Odyssey on Mannoroth-H died the other day, A Few Good Men, on the same server, was formed in their place, and then downed Mimiron on 10-man, pre-nerf. Nice job!
  • Serpentalis on the EU Haomarush server has cleared out Mimiron, and have Vezax on notice. They're recruiting any and all classes as well, as long as you're at least 18 years old, and want to join a mature guild with an emphasis on being social and fun.
  • Knights of Cruxis a French guild on EU Eitrigg-H finished off Thaddius 25 for the first time the other day, and then rolled on up through Sapph to KT. He's on notice, and they're no slackers in Ulduar, either: Hodir should watch his back there. They're also recruiting, everything but tanks.
  • Its Always Sunny on Winterhoof cleared out Naxx 10 in just one day the other week, and then went into Ulduar and finished off Flame Leviathan. OS 1D is on notice for next time.
  • The NuGen Alliance of EU Darkspear not only has "a baby-raiding guild" named The NuGen Continues (whatever that is), but they made their first foray into Naxx 10, clearing the Arachnid Quarter, and downing Noth the Plaguebringer. Good start, keep on rolling through there.
  • Saga on EU Bronzebeard is rolling through Ulduar, having cleared two wings so far, the Siege and the Antechamber. They're also looking for a few more for Heroic mode, hit up the website for more info.
  • DLH on Daggerspine started 10-man Ulduar a few weeks ago, and have downed Flame, Razorscale, Deconstructor and Kologarn with Ignis on notice. They're also recruiting as well.
  • Recession on Thrall has cleared Ulduar 10-man on only their second week of raiding and are now looking for exceptional players to fill out the 25-man roster.
  • Double Entendre of Dalaran just cleared Naxxramas for the first time in a single night, and has Flame Leviathan on farm. They're putting Malygos on notice, if they haven't gotten him down already.
  • Tide of War of Thunderlord-H has just finished downing Yogg-Saron. They're a 10-man guild with 11 core raiders (who's the poor guy who sits out?), and they only raid two nights a week. Congrats!
  • Kupo of Misha-A, a casual raiding guild, has downed Malygos 10. They only raid one night a week officially, with off-nights sometimes becoming raid nights. Nice job!
  • Devotion of Bronzebeard-A has downed the Siege, Antechamber, and downed Hodir in Ulduar 10 a little while back. They've also got Naxx 25 on farm, and are going to Ulduar 25 when the numbers are there. They're also seeking more healers for the 25-man team as well.
  • Annihilation on EU Vashj finished off Yogg-Saron. Grats!
  • Lost Fires on Lightbringer-H is recruiting Rogues, Hunters, Shaman, Priests, Resto/Balance Druids and Warlocks for 10-man raids. They raid at EST times, two nights a week, and are a casual guild that has cleared Naxx 10 and needs a few more dedicated raiders to start kicking butt in Ulduar. Friendly and mature people of all skill levels are invited to apply.
  • The Fifth Star on Anetheron-A is a casual raiding guild currently working through Ulduar in both 10-man and 25-man iterations. They're currently seeking DPS in the form of Ele Shaman, Warlock, and Moonkin, but even if you're not one of those, feel free to apply on the site anyway. They raid 25-mans three nights a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, from 10pm to 1am, and clear out 10-mans and "old" content with alts on off nights.
  • The Spirit Blade was a medium-sized guild of about 150 members over on EU Ravenholdt that fell apart a little while ago, but it's on the way back -- the guild leader has hit 80, and is ready to raid again. If you're interested in joining them from the ground up, look them up and see if you'll fit together.
  • The Shinigami on Dawnbringer are currently recruiting casual raiders level 75+ to join their ranks to get geared for runs of Naxx, Ulduar, OS, and VoA. Hunters and Death Knights are full up, but if you are the casual raider that wants some freedom and a chance to build your character for future raiding, then go say hi.
  • Army of Darkness on Kil'Jaeden is recruiting for 10-man Naxx. They are a casual guild, that usually tries to get a raid started once a week, and are mainly looking for healers and tanks, but willing to give everyone a shot. New members of all levels are welcome.
  • Legitimate Piracy of Azuremyst-H just formed, and is looking for capable, level-headed raiders looking to progress through Wrath content, starting with 10-man Ulduar and working up to the 25-man equivalent. While they seek those wishing to raid in a fun, yet disciplined atmosphere, they are also accepting applications from those who play casually, prefer solo work, or focus on Arena and other PvP play. All classes and levels may apply through their website.
  • Felony of Sisters of Elune-A is recruiting healers for Ulduar 25. They're seeking a Paladin, two Shaman, and a Druid and Priest (though the Priest should be exceptionally well-geared and experienced please). They raid three nights a week into Ulduar, and also run 10-mans during the week, as well as Naxx 25 on Friday nights.
  • Insomnix on Shadowmoon-A is recruiting players to continue farming Naxx 10 and continue progress in Uldar 10. You must have some 200-213 gear to be considered. And you've got to stay up late -- they start their raids at the stroke of midnight on the east coast. They're seeking ranged DPS, Healers and a few Tanks.
  • Nerdherder Nation of Illidan is seeking dedicated raiders to make their 10 and 25-man runs of Ulduar. They only raid two nights a week, but are working on Thorim in 25-man and General Vezax in 10-man. All good players will be considered, though they specifically need one Resto Druid and two Mage.
  • Quintessential on Kel'Thuzad-A is recruiting a number of players for their progression raids. They're a progressive raiding guild that raids Heroics three days a week and then casually runs 10-mans or other fun instances on the off days. 9 of the 14 bosses in Ulduar are down, and they are looking for a number of dedicated and skilled players to help round out the raiding corps. Specifically, they're seeking Paladins, Hunters, Shaman, Rogues, Druids, Priests, and Warlocks.
That's it for GW this week. Remember, we're crazy backed up on posts lately (apparently guild activity is through the roof with Ulduar out there), but unless you've just sent me way too much to sift through -- like 1000 words on how your guild is formed and what you've been up to for the past four years -- then you'll eventually see your entry here. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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