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Have you registered for WWNC 2009 yet?


If you haven't registered yet, you'd better get moving since WWNC 2009 starts on July 31st!

What? You don't know what WWNC 2009 is? It's the WorldWide Newton Conference, and it's planned for July 31st through August 2nd in Vancouver, B.C. Lest you think that the Newton platform is a Dead Parrot, you should be aware that there is still a vital community of Newton enthusiasts.

Some of the expected topics at the conference are:

  • Uses for Newton in today's world: for personal and business use (e.g. connecting to company database)
  • Improving Newtsync: discussion on improving OS X's Newton sync application
  • Ebooks and Newton: development of PDF viewer applications for Newton
  • Discussion around Einstein and new hardware platforms
  • Newton programming 101 for beginners
  • How to GPS with the Newton, from A-Z
  • How to Network the Newton: NPDS, wifi, etc.
Compared to WWDC, the WorldWide Newton Conference is a bargain at just $55 (accommodations, meals, and transportation not included) for the three days. If you still feel the love for your MessagePad, you should plan on attending this conference (I'd go, but I don't think Weblogs, Inc. will pay my airfare...). Sign up now!

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