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Home survey hints at future content

Jem Alexander

Sony has sent around another Home survey to see if it can figure out what people actually want from the service. Triplechat has an in-depth post about the various features that are mentioned in the survey -- some of which are things that have been promised before (such as game launching and music / video sharing) and some of which are things that haven't been mentioned (such as a PlayStation-branded Home space).

The survey asks recipients to rate different features with regard to how appealing they are or how likely the are to encourage more frequent Home visits. One section asks users to indicate what types of streaming media they'd like to see in the theater, such as full movies and TV shows, indie movies, music videos, developer interviews and stand up comedy.

Elsewhere it asks what features users would like to see in the aforementioned PlayStation Home space. These include minigames, backstory of the history of PlayStation and its games, trailers, interactive demos of PlayStation products, developer interviews and the ability to ask PlayStation experts questions about the brand. It all sounds like content that would be worth a look, but there's no guarantee at this point how much will make it into the service. Still, it's nice to see Sony constantly tasting the soup as it cooks.

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