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Nokia N97 firmware update 1.1 is live


Well, today is July 1st -- and Canada day, we'll have you know -- and true to our mention and Nokia's word, the N97's update of glory to version 1.1 (11.x.021) has indeed landed. So, what treats lie in store for you lucky Nokia N97 users? According to the changelog posted by, we can expect a USB detection fix, widget fixes, some MfE (Mail for Exchange) tweaks, UI transition improvements, photo thumbnail performance improvements, and the backlight issue that made out very own Chris Z. howl with rage is apparently patched, too. Yeah, that's all we're seeing, though, perhaps more will come to light once we've seen it updated and hear people telling their tales. Let us know how you get on, won't you?

[Thanks, for the changelog]

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