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WoW Moviewatch: Esc4pe


Today's WoW Moviewatch is the first music video created by MozQ. It's a music video called Esc4pe and features both original characters, and a guest appearance by L80ETC. Mozq is the author who previously created Keep Browsing and Keep Browsing 2. Both of those movies were pretty well received, so it was exciting to seem something new from MozQ. I think Esc4pe lived up to those expectations, even if I'm not quite sure how I should be pronouncing the movie's name.

According to MozQ, Esc4pe was created as an attempt to master the tools in After Effects. He also said he regretted his music choice about halfway through production, but I actually feel like it suits the imagery pretty well. The armor and character choice seems to support the hard-rock feel of the song. Ultimately, though, I think MozQ demonstrated some strong growth, and I definitely think he's got the hang of the software.

MozQ warns that the ending might feel abrupt, since the goal of the video was exploring After Effects. I guess he felt he'd explored enough. Still, if I hadn't read his explanation of the movie, I'm not sure I would have noticed. I had just chalked it up to an editorial decision. In the end, it was a fun video, and I hope MozQ puts out another one quickly.

Click here to check out Esc4pe.

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