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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Psystar bounces back from Chapter 11, intros new high-end hardware
Psystar's new Open(7) hardware runs Intel Nehalem Xeon, which should provide a nice performance jolt to hackintosh land.
Sony exec says UMD-less PSP was "always the plan"
Sony "needed to prepare the right environment for it first - things like the transferal of content with the PS3 and PSN, and PC software to manage content like music and movies such as Media Go."
Apple patching nasty iPhone SMS vulnerability
Given the hype surrounding Apple's iPhone, we're actually surprised that we haven't seen more holes to plug over the years.
Other news of import
How to relocate a HD set-top-box and still have it work with an HDTV
We know how it goes, you pick up a nice big HDTV and a wall-mount only to get it all setup then realize you still need a place to put your HD set-top-box.
HTC Hero hits FCC with US 3G
For the record, Bands II and V are 1900 and 850MHz, respectively, which is exactly the combo AT&T subscribers would need to flip the switch on high-speed data.

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