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1 vs 100 'skill-based' prizes start July 10 'for the mob,' stays in beta [update]


What's that, Chris Cashman, host of Xbox Live's 1 vs 100? Oh yeah, "skill-based prizes" start next week, July 10, specifically. Great! Unfortunately, though, what we heard from Mr. Cashman during tonight's game of 1 vs 100 wasn't all good news.

He continued, saying that while the prizes will start next week "for the mob," the game will be staying in beta. Guess that means this isn't part of the first "season" of prizes? We're not so sure, but we are sure of this -- given the whole fireworks thing going on this weekend, we're probably not going to hear more news on the subject until at least Monday.

Update: Near the end of the episode, Cashman also seemed to mention that "the one" would also be eligible for "skill-based prizes." We're currently following up with Microsoft about getting more concrete information about the prizes, the new sweepstakes announced last night and how long the show plans to stay in beta. We'll be sure to update as soon as we hear back.

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