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Tecmo Koei CEO to Sony: "please cut the price" of the PS3


Activision's CEO has already gone public with his complaints about the price of the PS3, and it looks he's not alone among industry bigwigs with a bone to pick with Sony, with the CEO of the newly formed Tecmo Koei now coming out and echoing his concerns. Speaking with CVG, Tecmo Koei's Kenji Matsubara says that whenever he speaks about the issue with Sony reps, he asks them to "please cut the price" of the PS3, adding that "from a publisher's point of view we would welcome a price cut for PS3 and we are waiting, definitely." He doesn't quite go so far as pull an Activision and threaten to ditch support for the console if Sony doesn't drop the price, however, although it seems safe to assume that these complains will only grow louder -- at least until Sony actually does cut the price of the PS3, that is.


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