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Steve Harris hints at the future of the reborn EGM


When Electronic Gaming Monthly closed its doors back in January, it not only left behind an issue that never got published but also a brand that gamers everywhere easily recognized. The magazine's original founder, Steve Harris, recently bought back the rights to the magazine (as well as online rights), and this week he spoke with Publishing Executive to detail a bit of his plans for his new venture.

"The new Electronic Gaming Monthly will let you take your magazine and its content from print to computer to wireless devices -- even to your television," he says in the piece, continuing, "Content will be delivered via a digital device included with each issue." He doesn't go on to explain whether he means a thumb drive or a CD or what, but we're just as curious as you are to know more about the rebirth of a magazine we grew up reading -- and hated after hours spent trying to find Sheng Long. Curse you, early-to-mid-90s game magazine editors!

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