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BMW kicking Garmin's zumo 660 up a notch with the Motorrad Navigator IV

Ross Miller

Sure, Garmin's zumo 660 was designed with the biker in mind, but BMW's taking it one step further with the latest in its branded Motorrad series, the Navigator IV. Based on Garmin's GPS ditty, it's got the same 4.3-inch "glove friendly" touchscreen, voice control, and A2DP support. It can withstand heavy vibration, fuel sprays, UV rays, is waterproof and most importantly, can play your favorite adrenaline-pumping tunes for when those other precautions are being handily tested. Additionally, we've got a four-button motorcycle mount and it comes pre-loaded with a database of BMW dealers, just in case you ever need one in a jiff. Coming third quarter to US and Europe, there's no word on price yet, but as a basis for comparison, the cost of the zumo 660 is about $700.

[Via NaviGadget]

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