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Darkfall gets a free expansion, adds new weapons, weather, and player housing


Exciting news comes out of the Darkfall camp today as they unveil a brand new set of enhancements to the game, bundled together to form Darkfall's first free expansion. The update unleashes some massive changes, including the addition of weather, character specialization, new fancy weapons, PvE changes, and the big kahuna of additions, player housing.

Of course when Darkfall adds player housing it's not your average, cuddly player housing. Houses, in addition to being able to be built on all sorts of land outsides of cities, can be formed into small villages that can be owned by clans. Villages will generate taxes for the owning clan, making them quite lucrative. Every six hours these villages go into a free-for-all status, allowing enemy clans to come in and take ownership with requisite bloodshed.

You want to know more? Of course you do! Check out the full patch notes over at Darkfall's main website.

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