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Discover The Secret of Monkey Island (again) on July 15


Mighty pirates and lowly flooring inspectors alike are encouraged to sign up for a return trip to the shores of Monkey Island on July 15th, when a remastered version of the adventure classic arrives on Xbox Live Arcade and PC (via Steam and other online distribution channels). The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition sees that lovable display of ineptitude, Guybrush Threepwood, rendered in splendid HD graphics, surrounded by newly recorded voices and ... fired out of a cannon with a pot on his head. That part's still the same.

LucasArts has yet to announce a price for the point-and-clicker, but if there's anything our encounters with the dreaded ghost pirate LeChuck have taught us, it's that you should never pay more than $20 for a computer game.

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