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Red Fox Wizbook N1020i netbook gets a hands-on

Laura June

Red Fox's recently unveiled netbook -- the Wizbook N1020i -- has just gotten a hands-on treatment from the folks over at Electronic Pulp. The 10.2-incher is looking like pretty standard netbook fare -- a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, a 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM, Wi-Fi, built-in webcam and card reader, plus 3 USB ports and a 6-cell battery -- all tell the same old tale. Rather interestingly, though, this model supports Bluetooth 3.0 and boasts an ExpressCard/34 slot... which may not be enough to make you run out in search of one, but is at least enough to keep it semi-interesting. We're really digging the neons, too. There's no word on pricing or availability yet -- but there is another shot after the break, and hit the read link for a full set.

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