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Warhound being 'reevaluated' by Techland, not officially canceled


In 19 days, it'll be two years since we last heard anything about Call of Juarez developer Techland's "open ended FPS," Warhound. So, when we heard last week that the developer was still working on its zombie-infused Dead Island, we shot Techland an email and asked about the game once intended to rival Crysis' graphics.

Blazej Krakowiak, the company's international brand manager, told us, "We reached a certain development stage and had to postpone it because of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood." He continued, "A release of an ambitious and well-received title is always a good moment to unwind a little bit and reevaluate all the options," speaking to the recent release of Bound in Blood. "It wouldn't be a good idea for us to discuss them right now." Though Krakowiak doesn't exactly confirm our suspicions on the fate of Warhound, his caginess on the game's fate speaks volumes.

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