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'Wuhhh!!' See Bayonetta without its visual effects


The latest post on the Platinum Games blog comes from an employee named Kudo, who is currently working on effects for Bayonetta. To explain what that means, he demonstrated what Bayonetta looks like both with and without effects in two video clips, embedded after the break. The fog, flashes of gunfire, and ... ethereal purple mist are all surprisingly important to the look of the game!

Discussing another effect, Kudo recounts a rather amusing encounter with producer Hideki Kamiya. Kamiya decided that he wanted Bayonetta's blood following an attack to appear as a rose, because, " If it isn't pretty, then it isn't Bayonetta!!" He then went on to physically, and vocally, demonstrate Bayonetta's damage animation. "She just goes, 'Wuhhh!!'" Kamiya said. "You know... 'Wuhhh!!'"

You can see footage of the results of that meeting after the break as well.

With effects

Without effects


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