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Falling in love all over again with the Mac Classic iPhone case


For those of us who are old enough to remember it, the classic "smiling Mac" was the face that first made us fall in love with a boxy little beige computer. Now Colorado designer vanMourik on has created a felt iPhone case that brings back that first love...

Available for only US$25, the Mac Classic iPhone case [link to Etsy] is a handmade work of art. While it's cute enough to grace the purse of a fashionista, it's also cool enough to be found in the cluttered laptop case of any Mac geek. There's even a embroidered Apple rainbow logo!

If some enterprising developer could create an iPhone app to go along with the case that would play the startup beep of the original Mac when the iPhone is removed from it, that would bring tears to the eyes of legions of Mac faithful.

Well done, vanMourik!

[Thanks for the tip, Seth. Via iPhoneSavior]

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