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Michael Jackson memorial service gets HDTV broadcasts around the globe by 1 p.m.


Today's broadcasts of Michael Jackson's memorial services have become s big of a television event as there has ever been, with networks domestically planning to cover the proceedings in high definition, but Sky News HD is following up on its broadcast of the Obama Inauguration by taking of the Sky Arts 1 HD channel again, and Cinedigm flicks on its digital distribution network, though not in 3D, it will air the memorial starting at 1 p.m. EST for free at theaters around the country. If not for anything else, this should extend even beyond Presidential Address' ability to compare the audio/video delivery capabilities of different networks, with CNN, Fox, ABC, Fox News, CBS, E! and more broadcasting, plus internet streams available from most (CNN, Sky, CBS, ABC are confirmed), plus Hulu and the website itself. So let us know, which network will you be tuning to / avoiding this afternoon, or are you already switching back and forth with one gloved hand on the remote, comparing camera angles and contrast levels in detail?

Update: A live HD stream from Microsoft & Canada's is available and apparently not subject to geographic restrictions for those tuning in via desktop (Thanks, Aaron)

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