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Motorola's dev programs reveal some Android table scraps

Chris Ziegler

As 2009 blows by the halfway mark, questions loom about how, where, and when Motorola will lob the first volleys of its planned Android onslaught; Android phones are still rare enough to come by so that every device launch is huge news -- but for Motorola in particular, the transition to Android is a hotly-anticipated one. The company's still being extraordinarily tight-lipped on the subject, even through a series of Android-focused developer events it's been holding around the country in recent weeks, but a few interesting tidbits have seeped out. Christy Wyatt, the company's VP of software platforms, has gone on the record saying that its Android devices will focus on the mid- to high-end range of the market and will span both consumer and enterprise segments; Android certainly hasn't been on the enterprise radar so far, so that'll be interesting to see. The company's also saying that some devices will focus on multimedia and / or messaging, which certainly falls in line with what we've heard and seen (with the rumored Morrison, for example). Ultimately, it'll need to start opening up to programmers with hardware specifics if it wants them to target Moto handsets with any level of specificity, but in the meantime, it seems that they're already developing quite a reputation in the community for really helping prospective devs out -- a solid start. Now let's just see about those handsets, eh?

[Via mocoNews, image via mini-suit]

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