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Rezzable moves on from Second Life

Tateru Nino

Rezzable Productions, developers and maintainers of a set of among the most successful public art and entertainment areas in Second Life have announced that after months of planning, they're shutting down their Second Life operations this month and moving their operations to Heritage Key.

Heritage Key brings history to life on Rezzable's own OpenSim-derived installation, and custom viewer. It's all Second Life-derived tech, but that's what Rezzable knows best.

Rezzable's already been making great strides with their Heritage Key project, and they sport some of the best professional Second Life talent among their number (they're also hiring). Rezzable has poured effort into arranging a custom viewer for the Heritage Key experience, as well as extending OpenSim servers with solid content permissions systems.

CEO Jon Himoff looks at the move as a natural progression, "Heritage Key is a very exciting new opportunity and we really want/need to focus on this ... We have tried to find ways to make our investment in time and resources profitable on the SL grid, including participating in the SL Gateway program, but at this point we cannot justify further effort. More than 40 sims and 2 years since first opening the Cannery, we are looking beyond the SL grid and see a bright future."

The installation that made Rezzable famous, Greenies Home, is expected to remain in Second Life for the time being.

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