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To die for: Japan getting Shadow of Destiny PSP port


Siliconera reports that Konami Japan will be releasing a PSP version of its kooky time-travel adventure, Shadow of Memories, on October 1st. Known as Shadow of Destiny in more American parts of the world, the game begins where many come to an end -- with your unexpected demise. Conveniently, you're given the opportunity to repeatedly travel back in time to prevent your own, numerous murders at the hands of an unbelievably persistent assailant. And in true adventure game style, doing so requires the kleptomaniacal hoarding and improper application of random items. Believe it or not, a well-placed frying pan will save your life.

If you're not particularly keen on searching for the ancient PS2 or PC versions, feel free to join us in our clamor for an English version of this portable release. Konami has spoken: "There are no plans to release a PSP port of Shadow of Destiny in North America at this time."

Initiate incessant clamor ... NOW!

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