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Aion Collector's Edition close to selling out in the UK

Lesley Smith

Pre-orders for the collector's and standard editions of Aion have been going on for a while but Ten Ton Hammer has been getting reports that many UK retailers have sold out of the shiny, special editions of NCsoft's latest MMO which is due to be released in Europe on 25th September. Europe and the US only received 50,000 special editions so it's no surprise stocks are running low (particularly at Amazon UK and GAME where they do indeed seem to have sold out.) Ten Ton Hammer got in touch with NCsoft's PR Director Ryan James who commented:

"We're very excited by the demand we've seen for Aion overall, both in our beta test events and in preorders and presales of the game. We specifically have seen incredible demand for the limited collector's edition version of the game, of which we are producing 50,000 copies in North America and Europe. In some cases, retailers in both territories have indeed sold out of their allotments. However, there are still copies available and the best way to ensure you can get your hands on a collector's edition before launch is to preorder it today either from standard retail outlets."

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