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BioWare says Mythic will help with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Lesley Smith

We told you a couple of weeks ago about Mark Jacobs' departure from EA and the formation of a new (as yet unnamed) studio which will absorb BioWare and Mythic. Well, Eurogamer got the chance to talk to Greg Zeschuk, who has revealed Mythic will help out with Star Wars: The Old Republic but BioWare might not reciprocate on Warhammer Online:

(Muzyka) and I (have) both played Warhammer, and actually I've still been playing it on and off for a while, so I think for us it's not to much a popularity boost as just the fact that we can probably bring perspectives to the table that will be new and perhaps helpful to the guys from Mythic in the same way from an online perspective they can certainly share with us. To give credit to the Austin team [making Star Wars: The Old Republic], we have a number of serious MMO veterans on there, so it's certainly not neophytes, but there's absolutely opportunities to share and learn things back and forth."

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