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EA celebrates Nerf milestone with Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite


Are you the best of the best when it comes to soft, safe firepower? EA is going to give you a chance to prove your dominance of the Nerf battlefield once again, in the sequel to last year's Nerf N-Strike. This release coincides with Nerf's 40th anniversary, a fact touted by EA in its press release.

Most important among the new features of Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite, of course, is the new version of the Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 gun, which works both as a standalone Nerf dart gun and a Wii gun shell. The new blue gun includes a red decoder lens that reveals secret messages in the game -- otherwise, it appears identical to the previous (kind of awesome) gun controller.

The game includes new in-game weapons and upgrades, and "enhanced co-op play" with jump-in play. Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite will be out this fall.

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