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Guildwatch: Dodge this

Mike Schramm

Sorry for the low resolution on the pic above, but we thought it was still funny enough to share -- the guildleader of the guild (unfortunately, we weren't told the name or server) was a little unhappy when one of the raiders decided to leave a "whipefest" on General Vezax, and he decided to pull off a WoWBash-style /gkick.

Lots more drama, downed, and recruiting news in our weekly Guildwatch column, which starts right after the break below. Have a tip for us? Send it along to, and you might see it right here next time.


  • Joelol got made GM of Strangulation Point on EU Ghostlands recently, and he did what any other punk kid, when given full access to a guild's leadership, would probably do: he up and ninja'd the guild's bank, taking everything in it for himself. We agree with the guy in this thread: even if you happen to be leaving your guild, you should probably never leave power in the hands of anyone with "lol" in their name, or you're asking for trouble. But there is a happy ending: apparently Joe's account is paid for by his brother, who later shows up in the thread, apologizes, and says that unless Joelol finds someone else to pay for his account, he'll probably be offline and out of Azeroth very soon.
  • Grats Virtus Mortalis on Kilrogg for finishing off Flame Leviath... oh wait, what? You exploited it? Check out Leorina's backpedaling -- he flies backwards faster than a hummingbird going the wrong way. Despite the fact that the guild posted about it on not one but two threads, as soon as they're discovered, they yell out "our bad," and say it's fine if Blizzard just wants to take away the achievement and the loot. Never mind that, whoops, they did it on 10-man and then went and did it on 25-man, too. At the very least, they should get an Exodus-style suspension, no?
  • Here's a similar story from Aegwynn: Continuum does the FL exploit in 10-man and gets caught for it. Whoops -- our bad. But that doesn't stop them from doing it again two weeks later. Classy. They did eventually get a suspension -- the Blizzard message is over on this website.
  • The guild bank of Zenith of Exodar was recently raided by the Rogue "Dpen." We're told he made off with 49 abyss crystals, among other valuables including Frozen Orbs, high level gems, and several other crafting materials. Dpen is also known as Dpencil (a 66 Paladin), and said his reason for leaving was "not being able to raid." Except we're told he did raid with them: we hear he was one of the only people in the guild to get gear from the early Ulduar runs. Our question: why did he have access to the guild bank?
  • This thread is really just about an average VoA ninja (and there are tons of those to go around), but it's like a Russian doll of drama -- not only does it open up to reveal this thread (which then leads on to this funny "discussion" about Deterrence), but on the second page, things get good -- people start both defending Loosenup while simultaneously bringing up more horror stories of the character, including him giving away gear to people that clearly didn't deserve it. By page 5, Loosenup is apologizing, but there's a lot of nice drama in between.
  • This recruiting thread for Grief on Whisperwind devolves super fast, especially when accusations of previous ninja'ing on OS25 shows up. But Janefonda takes it to a Jerry Springer level when she starts talking about her "boob card." Also, points to Aybebe for trying to play off his nonsense as "roleplay[ing] a bad guy on the server." Especially since a) it's not a roleplaying server, and b) ninja'ing gear is grounds for a suspension, not roleplay material, buddy.
  • Sure, you've been downing bosses, but Ascension on Whisperwind has been picking up loot of a different kind: apparently they've had 12 kids born into the guild just since the beginning of the Burning Crusade. In eight or nine years, they'll have a whole extra raid group to play with! Grats to all the parents and babies there. And somehow, they've found time outside of all the baby-having to roll right up into Ulduar and drop bosses there, too.
  • A player named Evoroth and his buddies (including the person who seems to be his girlfriend, Xhexed) all joined a guild called Redemption and went to go raid Naxx with them. But after raiding 10-man for a few days and then getting all set and buffed up for 25-man, they ditched the guild completely and went off to join Khaos. I'll let you decide what the real story is here -- Evoroth and his friends all say that Redemption couldn't play, and that's why they left, but then again, they didn't exactly leave in a very cordial way. Signing up and buffing up and then ditching for another guild immediately is kind of a lame move. Still, we'll let you decide -- Evoroth and Xhexed do plenty of talking for themselves in the thread. But yes, we agree: "Thread is delivering," and yes, it has found its way right here into Guildwatch.
  • Crucial on Exodar has downed every 10-man boss in Ulduar up to Yoggy. They're starting up 25-man raids now, and accepting applications as well. Here's their Thorim kill, if you want to check it out.
  • Dirty Little Secret of Nazgrel is a smaller guild currently running 10-man content. They recently downed the Eye of Eternity in 10-man mode, and in Ulduar 10, have finished off Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignis, XT-002, Iron Council, Kologarn, and Auriaya.
  • Storm Callers of Sen'Jin recently downed Thaddius and Sapphiron on Heroic for the first time as a guild. Many raiders already had the achievements, but with some help from old friends, they all got it together again. They're back in 25-man after a brief hiatus, and recruiting, training, and gearing a number of new raiders.
  • Cynosure of Altar of Storms-H has cleared Yogg Saron 25. They're now looking for several DPS and healers to fill out the roster for hard modes.
  • Leviathan of EU Azjol-Nerub finally wiped the floor with Mimiron on 10-man (Vezax is going down next time) and made their first foray into 25-man, clearing Flame, Razor, XT, Assembly and Kologarn. Future 25-man runs, however, will need some more raiders, so if you want to volunteer, look them up.
  • RRT on Tichondrius-H (who've been waiting a while to appear in this column, sorry) recently completed their first full clear of Naxxramas 10 as a guild. They are a casual guild with a 10-man core that plans to progress through more 10-man content. Naxx is on farm, and we'll put Sarth on notice -- he's cake if you've finished off Naxx.
  • Knights Templar on Boulderfist is at it again with the progression -- two 10-man teams have cleared up to Vezax, and their 25-man has gotten up to Assembly of Iron. Way to go!
  • Shout out to Damage Inc on Warsong, who recently downed FL through Kologarn in 25-man Ulduar. They're also looking to recruit a Resto Shaman or a Holy Priest for 25-mans as well.
  • Tears Of the Dragon is a very casual leveling/raiding guild on Ravenholdt that cleared out all of Naxx on their first full go-round. They had a few issues with Thaddius, but after a few wipes got him down. Then one-shotted Sapphiron, then Kel'thuzad got shown the door after a few wipes as well. Malygos is now on notice.
  • Dragonvein of Borean Tundra downed Kel'thuzad this week, thus completing 10-man Naxx. Special woots to the guildleader and the main tank -- grats all!
  • Tide of War on Thunderlord has now defeated all of the bosses in 10-man Ulduar, including one epic six hour clear. They're 10-man only, but they're still four bosses away from a realm-first "Champion of Ulduar" achievement. Who needs 25-mans anyway?
  • S Y N E R G Y on Eitrigg downed General in 25-man, and have Yoggy himself on notice, if not dead quite yet.
  • Uprising on Doomhammer finally downed Thorim and then downed Mimiron (on their first attempt) all in one night. We're told it was a great night for progression and the night before server restarts to boot!
  • Hollywood on Cho'gall-A went 12/14 in Ulduar 10-man a while ago, and then got The Undying in 10-man Naxx. They're also looking for folks to fill out the 25-man ranks.
  • Codex of Drenden, a relatively small guild that combined with a few key members of Aces of Drenden, has finally ducked into raiding, and have now downed Kel'Thuzad in 10-man Naxx. They hope to finish off Naxx (so KT is on notice), and maybe head into EoE next.
  • C H A O S on EU Lightning's Blade has downed OS10 with just 8 people, for the achievement. Not bad, they say, for a guild that rose from the ashes of a serious hardcore raiding guild. Naxx 10 is mostly cleared, and they're looking for DPS and tanks for 25-mans next.
  • Pride of St George on EU Nordrassil had a great evening in Ulduar 10 the other night. They attempted Razorscale, XT-002 and Kologarn for the first time and downed them all. After stalling on Iron Council, they went back and finished the evening by showing that Ignis is getting closer to farm status. Grats! They're also open to all classes, raiders or otherwise.
  • Over Raided on Khadgar-A downed Freya 25 for the second time this week, got Mimiron after two attempts, and got Vezax down later on as well. Way to go!
  • Prodigy, a casual raiding guild on the Drak'tharon server, has continued progression in Ulduar 10 by downing Auriaya and Ignis so far. Iron Council is on notice, and they're recruiting all classes, particularly Mages and Druids.
  • The Red Shadows (Llane-A) finished their first clear of Naxx a few weeks ago, and then a little while later downed Razorscale in Ulduar! Big news, we hear, for this small friends and family guild. And apparently they did all the fights without reading up on boss strategies: "Raiding blind for the win!" they say.
  • Radix Lecti is a 'casual-but-serious' 10-man raiding guild Horde-side on EU Kazzak that raids to progress once a week on Saturday evenings, with alt/fun raids scattered throughout the week. They're recruiting mature, friendly, Ulduar-ready players to get a second group going and continue progression, and they're currently working on Auriaya and the four Keepers. Every app is considered, no matter your realm, so don't be afraid to head on over and apply!
  • Lost Fires on Lightbringer-H is recruiting Rogues, Hunters, Shaman, Priests, Resto/Balance Druids and Warlocks for 10-man raids. Lightbringer is a PST server, but they raid at EST times, two nights a week. Naxx 10 has been cleared out, and they need a few more dedicated raiders to start kicking butt in Ulduar. Friendly and mature people of all skill levels are invited to visit the site and apply.
  • The Smoke Pit of Anvilmar-H is a group of semi-casual raiders who are looking to recruit talented and dedicated players of any class and spec. They are currently 10/14 in 10-man and 8/14 on 25-man Ulduar. 10-man raiding is the focus right now, but they are working towards building a solid 25-man team.
  • Exodus (Bonechewer-A, so no, not that other Exodus) is recruiting for Ulduar content. They've cleared out all of 10-man, and are at Yogg-Saron in 25. Please be pro, prepared, and civil at all times.
  • Cataclysmic on Shadow Council-H is currently in need of some healers, and is actively recruiting Resto Druids and Priests, but they're open to any and all applications if you're worth it. They're 9/14 in Ulduar so far, and are looking for some more to continue progression and maybe break out to a second 10-man group.
  • The Keepers of the Realm on Scarlet Crusade-A is recruiting for raiding into Heroic Naxxramas and Heroic Ulduar on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. They are looking for decently active members of any class who are as eager and willing to attend and push forward in battle within the raids as the current core members are. However, please also be fun-loving and courteous towards others.
  • Shinigami on Shadowsong-A is currently recruiting for Naxx 10/25 man. They are mainly focused on raiding and progression. EoE and Ulduar/Ulduar hard modes are on the horizon if they get enough folks, which is why they are now accepting all classes. If you have a great and positive attitude and are not a guild hopper, they want you.
  • Envious Dark on EU Kilrogg-H is primarily a 10-man guild due to losing a lot of members, but they're still 11/14 in Ulduar and looking to get a first full clear in the coming weeks. They're seeking tanks and healers, although they definitely won't say no to a bit more DPS.
  • Masters of Shadows on Aggramar-A is a friendly and fun guild that has fun raiding usually, but recently hit a bump in the road and would like to get over it. So they're looking to fill ranks and get back into running regular raid times. They're aiming for four nights a week, 7pm server. Check the site if interested.
  • Twisted Nerve is a BT/Sunwell re-roll guild (server?) recruiting ranged DPS and healers for casual 10-man raiding. They raid three nights a week from 9-12pm server, so if you want to see some old content, they've got your ticket.
  • Overwatch of Sisters of Elune are trying to build a different kind of guild. They're aiming to make a community that is both structured and relaxed, so that any type of player can feel welcome and active. They're seeking all classes, levels, and experiences to join the ranks. They will be raiding 10-mans for sure, and will go to other teams as member strength allows. Hit them up ingame or on the website for more.
That's it for this week's GW. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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