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Possible pictures of new NXE features emerge


GameCinema HD is hosting some images of what could be some of the new Xbox 360 features announced at E3. In the screen above, you can see sections for both the Avatar Marketplace as well as a space for Avatar Awards. Other shots show off these areas themselves, though they are understandably empty right now. The screens also include new Xbox Live Marketplace entries for Games on Demand and Indie Games (no shots of the inside of either of these areas, unfortunately).

We find it a bit strange that someone willing to leak images of the new features would fail to edit out their own gamertag, though -- you'll notice it's in the upper left corner, clear as crystal. A quick check reveals that there is no Hobbtao gamertag listed on Xbox Live, which could mean a couple of things. One, these images are from an Xbox 360 dev kit, meaning Mr. Hobbtao is probably in violation of a Microsoft NDA. Two, the images are fakes.

Regardless, we're talking about menus here, which aren't nearly as exciting as what they contain.

[Via VG247]

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