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Preparing for BlizzCon: Expect geeks behaving badly


BlizzCon approaches! Preparing for BlizzCon is your regular source for tips on how best to prepare for Blizzard's gaming extravaganza. These helpful hints are particularly suited for convention rookies. But if you are a con veteran, we'd love to hear your advice and wisdom in the comments as well.

After BlizzCon 2007, I had to apologize for assuming that forum trolls and all around funsuckers were mostly teenage boys. But the ill-mannered clods I encountered at BlizzCon looked to be in their 20s. Regardless of their age and gender, there unfortunately will be plenty of inconsiderates harshing your Blizzard buzz while you are trying to enjoy the con. Here are some things to expect and some tips on how to handle them.
  • Talking during the panels: Just like at the movies, people will talk loudly during the panels -- either to each other or on cellphones. You travel across country or around the world and pay all this money to hear the latest about expansions or your class and some jerk won't shut up. Advice: eHow suggests starting with a glare and moving onto a polite request to be quiet, should the glare fail.

  • Barrens Chat everywhere: In lines, during the presentations, while the comedy host(s) perform -- people will just shout out random comments and Chuck Norris references. It's like they can't survive without General or Trade chat. Advice: Think of it as a kind of Rocky Horror Picture Show experience. We can't turn off the channel, like we can in-game, so try to find fun in their comments whenever possible. And, I must admit, some of them are funny.
  • Rude verbal attacks: Over and above the attempts at interacting with the entertainers and developers, there will be people who will actually shout out personal insults and vicious criticisms. I was livid at the outburst from a guy in my section when he swore loudly at the person on stage for mispronouncing a word. That's right: you think you can avoid trolls by not reading the forums and comments, but you will still have to deal with these people in person at BlizzCon. Advice: Take several deep breaths and mentally pretend you are voting them into oblivion, like the comments here at
The presenters at BlizzCon know that they have to handle a certain amount of abuse in their jobs and they get paid for it. Unfortunately, the inconsiderate behavior of some attendees affects the experience of the others who have paid admission. But, as in game, funsuckers only win if you let them. Try not to let them. And I'll keep trying to forget that guy in section 227.

BlizzCon 2009 is coming up on August 21st and 22nd! We've got all the latest news and information. At BlizzCon, you can play the latest games, meet your guildmates, and ask the developers your questions. Plus, there are some great looking costumes.

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