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    Road Tested: Dexim Dual Dock Charger


    Living in a multiple iPhone and iPod household is both fun and annoying.

    It's fun to talk about cool apps and play multi-user games, but it's annoying trying to find a place to plug in our iPhones and iPods. Right now we have two iPhone 3GS's, an original iPhone being used as a game device, and an iPod nano that all need charging.

    Things have been a lot easier in our household since we got a Dexim Dual Dock Charger. This unit, available for $44.95 from or directly from Dexim, is an attractive and functional dock in which you can simultaneously charge two iPhones, two iPods, or any combination imaginable. Since the devices need to be held securely in the dock, Dexim includes a set of plastic insert cradles that fit the bottom of your particular device (no, I'm not using them in the photo above). There are cradles for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod nano, and 5G/U2 iPod.

    When a device is placed in the dock for charging, a cool blue LED light goes on. That could be irritating if you want to use the Dual Dock Charger in a bedroom, so a switch to turn off the light is thoughtfully provided. We placed ours on a small table located on the way to our garage, so we can just pick up our phones on the way out of the house.

    The Dexim Dual Dock Charger allows us to keep our iPhones constantly charged up, and it looks great while doing its job. We've had three-plus months of charging bliss without having to search for our cables, AC adapters, or iPhones. The original Apple chargers and cables are now used for topping off the devices when we're away from home, or for syncing with our Macs (the Dual Dock doesn't provide syncing capability).

    If you live in a multi-iPhone family, the Dexim Dual Dock Charger is a must-have gadget.

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