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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Google announces Chrome OS, coming to netbooks second half of 2010
We can't believe it's actually here, but after hearing whispers of a Google OS for what seems like ages now, the company's now gone official with its plans.
myTouch 3G hands-on (with video!)
While it's great to see T-Mobile's next Android phone all official and everything, there are certainly few surprises for those of us already familiar with the HTC Magic / Google Ion.
Sony Ericsson Rachael UI video leaks out, Kiki comes for the ride
Just like HTC's layered the Sense UI over Android on the Hero, the Rachael looks to have a polished custom Sony Ericsson interface over its Android build, and we're definitely digging the vibe.
Other news of import
Engadget goes behind the Dolby logo
With AV software and hardware alike carrying at least one Dolby logo, not to mention the presence of that same branding on big screen cinema, Dolby is truly a household name.
Sprint no longer selling Pre over the phone
We're told the move is being made so that the carrier "can focus inventory in sales channels where customers have the best opportunity to experience Ready Now."

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