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Wisdom Audio packs a new SCS subwoofer in its CEDIA baggage

Steven Kim

Wisdom Audio is going to use CEDIA to debut its new Sage Series SCS "suitcase" subwoofer. Despite the fact that the press release shreds any secrecy, it sounds like something right out of Connery-era Q's lab -- the little beast packs a 300-Watt amp and dual 5x7.5-inch woofers into a modest 37x22x6-inch package that can crank out 22Hz bass. How was it that Bond took his martinis again? Don't be fooled by the "suitcase" nickname, take the 300-Watt amp as a clue that this design isn't about portable audio. Rather, the svelte (by subwoofer standards) profile and selectable porting of the SCS will allow integrators to put the sub into creative places when it ships later this year for $4,000.

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